The true idea of ‘fate’

We all tend to depend a lot of our decisions and life choices around the idea of ‘fate.’

What we do not realise is that fate is no true measure of growth.

Fate is not a person. It does not have hands that can magically move things and influence them to happen. It does not have ears to listen to your every wish and it does not have a mouth to tell you where to go.

Fate is simply an idea, not an action.

We put things down to fate because we do not have enough trust in ourselves to follow through with what our hearts really want.
It’s like when you flip a coin, but your decision becomes clear as soon as that coin goes up in the air.
We already know what we really want; we are all just waiting for it to happen.
We allow our fears to control us instead of taking risks and putting ourselves out there.
Too many of us have faced rejection and are now too afraid to put our hearts back out there in fear of being hurt.

But tell me something, if we do not take control of our own lives how can we ever expect to be happy?
How can we expect to end up with everything we ever wanted?
How can we really achieve our full potential?

We cannot just sit back and expect everything to fall into place for us.
When we wait around for something to happen, we allow other things to come into the mix.
If you wait around for that boy, some other girl will come along and steal his heart.
If you’re waiting around for your dream job, some other person is currently being interviewed.
If you wait around for that perfect moment, a million others are currently passing by.

Why allow the idea of fate to control your idea of perfection?

Why not become your own idea of fate?
Take ownership of your life and your desires.
Figure out what you want and go for it.
Take risks, open up and be free to the idea of possibly being hurt.
You were born with the capacity to hurt as well as the capacity to heal and overcome pain. So what are you so afraid of?
Remember pain is growth.

Think of the plus side, you may just get everything you’ve ever wanted as a consequence of opening your heart.

Take a risk. Take a leap. Take a chance.
You are fate; make it happen.



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