Timings Always Right

Time is a difficult matter. They say that time is supposed to heal and that time is supposed to make everything better and relieve our problems.
But is it really time that does these things?

Personally, I don’t think so.
I don’t think any amount of time can make something better. Time can not heal your broken heart, it can’t make up your mind, and it can’t clear away your issues.
The only thing that can do all these things really is you.

You control your mind and you control your body.
You are responsible for your own healing and your own development. ‘Time’ cannot do any of this for you.
The way you allow your mind to think is the way you allow yourself to live.
If you constantly dwell over things, you are putting yourself in a negative state. It is like you are trapping yourself with no opportunity to move forward.
The only way to evolve as a person, is to change that mindset you have put yourself in.
it’s a small thing to do for a lifetime of happiness.

It is important to follow your heart in the moment. You can’t let somebody tell you when the right time to fall in love is. Somebody can’t tell you when to move on. The only person responsible for this is you.
It’s your heart and your feelings. Waiting for the ‘right time’ may cost you the ‘right guy’. You can not let your past hold you back, after all, it is your past… something that you’ve left behind in order to create a happier future (which you are currently living!)

There comes a time where you have to stop questioning everything that happens to you and just live in the moment. If something or someone brings you joy, go for it. If you’re offered an amazing opportunity, take it. If you have a good feeling about something, trust yourself and follow it. Do not allow your mind to overthink and overpower your happiness. Stop allowing yourself to be confused.
Deep down we all know what we want, and if you really have to question something, then chances are you don’t really want it. So the longer we take tossing and turning about things, the longer we are deterring our own happiness.

We all experience things at different stages of our lives, therefore nobody can sit there and tell you what path to take with your feelings.
Don’t allow the concept of time to deter you from new relationships, new beginnings and newfound happiness.
Be the pilot of your own life and create your own distinct path. Remember, life comes with no rulebook. You are not required to have a ‘happiness’ based around social norms. All you are required to do is listen to and follow your heart.


Heal your own heart

When you lose someone or something important to you, it may take some time for you to be at peace with the fact that things have changed.
You may see it as a negative experience in your life and question the reason such a ‘terrible’ thing has happened to you.
But at the end of the day, it has happened… the person you loved changed, the relationship you had was no longer the same, something has happened for that part of your life to no longer serve a purpose to you, and maybe not today, but one day it will all make perfect sense.

Now are you going to let that experience destroy you? Are you going to cry and complain about the way things have turned out? Are you going to let this hold a dark cloud over your life forever?
Or are you going to move on? Are you going to get up, kick it to the curb and find your happiness again? Recreate your life and remember all the little things you once enjoyed?

They are the things that you SHOULD be doing. There is no point in holding onto moments that no longer exist and moments that once destroyed you. People change and that’s a shame, but honey, you have the power to change as well, always remember that.
We live in a society where cheating is so common and loyalty is hard to find. But being so young with a whole life ahead of you should push you to realise how great you really are. You are better than that and you definitely don’t deserve that treatment, believe me.

You dont have to sit around and cry, you can turn your experience into a positive one! Realise what a diamond you really are and how it is truly their loss and not yours! Build that self confidence and be you!! Change your negative mindset into a positive one.
Things may be tough now, no denying that. But at the end of the day, the world turns no matter what, there are millions of great experiences waiting for you. Don’t hold back because you’ve lost something, go out there and find something better!
Not every boy in the world is the same and please do not let your mind trick you into believing that. There still are wonderful people out there, there is someone out there waiting for only you. You may find that you bump into them when you are least expecting it, but that’s half the excitement!
And someday, when you are ready to knock down those walls, you’ll remember how beautiful life really is, you’ll remember how incredible it is to meet a new person. Learning everything about them, staying up till early hours of the morning chatting to them, getting those butterflies in your stomach again.
Although this time, you’ll appreciate everything so much more and you’ll be so much more sure of everything because deep down you know this person would never do a thing to hurt you.

Now it’s your job to develop a stronger mind, a stronger soul and a stronger heart. Uncover the unknown. Show everybody what they are missing out on. In doing this you will find love. Love for the world, love for the simple things, maybe even love for another soul, but most importantly, love for yourself.
Heal your own heart and allow somebody else to nourish it (just not as much as you).

Saying yes to new beginnings

How do you know when you are ready? Ready for the next chapter in your life. How do you know when enough is enough and its time to walk away? How do you know when you’re ready to move on and let someone or something else into your life? How do you know when you’re making a right decision? What pushes us to turn the page?

Will we ever know? Will there always be a clear sign? Will our hearts and minds always match up?
I think sometimes we just have to take that leap of fate and hope for the best. Walk where the road may not always be smooth. Jump without knowing where you will land.

Taking these chances are hard, the fear of uncertainty. The fear of failure, the fear of heartbreak, the fear of regret.

Being hurt and damaged in the past makes opening up to new beginnings more of a struggle, but finding that power within yourself to push through and trust your instincts is a feeling greater than no other.
Something I’ve learned over the past 20 years is the fact that fear is normal. We all have our fears and our walls set up. We will never know what is ahead of us. It is up to you to prepare yourself in every way possible to be strong enough to take on the challenges life throws at you. It’s developing that positive headspace and internal trust within yourself. There will be times where you get hurt, you will make bad decisions, you will have your heart broken. But you know what girl? You will survive. You’ll learn and you’ll continue to grow. Dont let a bad experience scar your life negatively forever. Change that mindset and open a new door!!

Do what makes you happy NOW. Don’t worry about the future, focus on your mind and heart in the present moment. Unfortunanetly for some, your life isn’t a book, you can’t just turn the page and know exactly how things will turn out. However, you can make your journey one worth reading about.

Follow your heart. It’s easy for your head to get lost in the clouds, although your heart will always beat for what it wants. It’s your job to stay true to yourself and endure the path your heart desires.
Sure, you have to realise that your actions now may affect you in the long run, but trust yourself enough to know that you’re responsible for all of that. Build yourself an empire you will be happy with and proud of indefinitely.

Don’t fear the future. Live in the present. Stay true to yourself. You have one life, don’t waste it holding back on the past. Pick yourself up from hard times, learn from mistakes and mend your own heart. Come back better than ever. Start that next chapter of your life. SHINE GIRL